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Message from the IT department

Your Friendly Neighborhood IT Guy

A wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility, and now that I?ve got your attention, I can say this quote will have nothing to do with the rest of this blog. But who am I? I?m spide…Keelan, the Valleys Steps office nerd, IT department, IT guy, or to be more accurate Data and Communications Officer. 

In today?s blog you?re getting a brief overview of myself. So, here we go. I began my IT venture studying Software Engineering within the University of South Wales, after which I moved into freelance digital design and web development working with clients within my local area of Rhondda Cynon Taff. I initially joined Valleys Steps overseeing IT Support and the analysis and management of the mental health assessment data and databases, fun right? 

So other than looking at screens for elongated periods of time, what exactly does a DCO do? Well, primary objectives are assessing the mental wellbeing data we receive from our course attendees and reporting on our impact. If you?ve come along before, you?ll know we measure this using those short questionnaires you get at the start and the end of the course. I also then get to read all the lovely feedback from our attendees.

Now it?s not always sunshine, rainbows and databases. There?s usually a wild Jane sitting across the way from me screaming my name and pointing at the computer screen asking ?why is it not working?!?. In a much friendlier tone than I?m probably portraying here of course, and my usual response being ?Have you tried turning it off and on again??.

My other tasks vary quite significantly, including aspects of graphic and web design, device and peripheral management, software/license updates and security etc.  For example, you know that pretty Stress Control book you?ve got there? Yes, designed by yours truly. Don?t have one? Then you better come to our course, you?re missing out!

We could delve further, but I?ve been told to keep this short and I don?t want to scare off our readers. But before you go I thought it might be nice for you to see our recent progress to achieving a WELLBEING UTOPIA ACROSS WORLD! …Or maybe at least progress to promoting better wellbeing for many of you within South Wales. 

Below is our recent well being score analysis across our Stress Control courses for the period October – December 2019. On the left is the average measured wellbeing levels of attendees at the start of our courses, and on the right is the average wellbeing levels after. Green being a high wellbeing, red moderate and blue low. That significant reduction in those experiencing a low wellbeing is what we?re looking for.

I hope this gives you a quick little insight into the Valleys Steps IT department. Is that a lot of responsibility? I suppose that quote from the wise man was a little relevant after all. 


Thanks for reading.


By Keelan Jonathan

Data & Communications Officer