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Motivation is our willingness to do something. If we can master motivation by figuring out what motivates us, we can get more done. Procrastination on the other hand is avoidance, delay, or putting off doing something even if we know there will be negative consequences. Check out our tips to help you to increase your motivation and avoid procrastination.

Make it bite-sized

Sometimes a task can seem too enormous, too complex, making us feel overwhelmed and reluctant to even start. If this happens to you, try breaking it down into smaller more manageable, bite sized chunks. If you have an assignment to complete, maybe start by making a plan and allocating chunks of time. Now, take that first step. You will feel so much better.

Habit Stacking

Want to start a new helpful habit? Try habit stacking where you link a new habit to one you already have making little routines or rituals. For example, if you want to increase your exercise you may decide to go for a walk before breakfast everyday, so you get up, wash and dress into your walking clothes and head out for a walk. You add the new habit to your existing routine.

Clear Space, Clear Mind

Having clutter around you can be very distracting. Clearing space before working can make us feel better and prepare us for the task at hand. Having an organised work space also means you can find the things you need, so saves time and mental energy.

Time Management

A great way to manage your time or get going on a project, is to set a timer and allocate time for work and breaks. Work for 25 minutes then stop and take a five minute break and repeat if needed. It?s easier to stay focused for short periods of time. If working for extended periods of time after every 2 hours take a longer break.

Stages of Change

Making changes in our lives can be hard. We move through different stages from becoming aware that we want to change something, to thinking and planning for the change, taking action to make changes, and keeping the changes going. We may need to use lots of ways to keep ourselves motivated to ensure we keep to the new change or create a new habit.


First decide what is Important and Not Important on your list, then which are Urgent and Non Urgent. Do the Important Urgent tasks, schedule the Important Non Urgent ones, delegate the Not Important Urgent tasks and delete the Not Important Non Urgent ones.

Reach for the Stars

Set your goals and ambitions high. Hold in mind what you want to achieve to help motivate you through the difficult times. Remember why you are doing it.


What motivates you? Internal or external things? For example, someone may learn Spanish because they enjoy languages (internal) while someone else may be motivated by gaining a qualification (external). We can use rewards to help motivate ourselves even if we enjoy a task and we can make a boring task fun!

Top Tips for Organising Your Life

It can sometimes be difficult for us to keep track of all the tasks we need to do – big or small. Use our top tips to help you feel more organized and stay on top of things.


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