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Our short video series to help you with worry

Help with Worrying

Learn more about feelings of Worry, why we have these feelings and top tips to better help manage our feelings of worry

Common Beliefs About Worry

A Short video to help with worry

Do you notice a lot of worry thoughts? In this short video, our practitioner Bethan talks about worrying and some beliefs we might have about worrying.

Worrying vs Problem Solving

Is worrying helpful?

In this short video our Practitioner Bethan talk about worrying and ways that can help us manage worrying

Top Tips to help with Worry

A discussion with Bethan & Paul

In this video, Paul answers some top questions that we have about Worrying, and shares some of his top tips to better manage feelings of worry

Journaling for Wellbeing

How Journaling can help your wellbeing

In this video our Practitioner Max provides an introduction into journaling, it’s background and how it can improve your wellbeing

Worry Time

Taking control of your worry

In this video our Practitioner Bethan explores a topic called Worry time, and how you can use it to take control of how long you worry

Mindfulness Meditation

For anxious thoughts

In this final video, our Practitioner Clare will take you through a 10 minute meditation to help bring you back to the moment and control anxious thoughts

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