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Steps 2 wellbeing Programme

The Steps 2 WellBeing programme is a suite of 6 courses, lasting 1 hour each which can be attended either as a modular format or for the entire 6 week programme.

What happens at each session?

Each session covers a different element of wellbeing

  • Session 1-Stress Management duration: 1 hour :

    A 2018 survey carried out by the Mental Health Foundation* found that 74% of the UK population felt overwhelmed or couldn’t cope because of stress. The aim of this workshop is to gain an understanding of stress, how it affects us and what you can do to manage and overcome this common experience so you feel able to handle the challenges life throws at you.

    Topics covered:

    • Your body’s reaction to stress – Fight/Flight
    • What could trigger stress
    • Common signs – Physical, emotions, actions & thoughts
    • What can we do about stress? 
    • Breathing, diet & mood, exercise & managing thoughts
    • Tips on how we can boost our wellbeing. 
  • Session 2 –Panic & Anxiety workshop duration: 1 hour

    According to Mind**** 6 in 100 suffer from General Anxiety and 1 in 100 suffer from Panic, this may not seem a lot but it is a growing problem in our uncertain times. This workshop is aimed at understanding & managing feelings of Anxiety and Panic and to enable you to feel you are more in control, improving your confidence and boosting your well being.

     Topics include:

    • What is Anxiety & Panic? 
    • Common signs and symptoms of Anxiety and Panic
    • The difference between Anxiety and Panic
    • How Anxiety and Panic develop
    • Techniques to manage Anxiety & Panic: Cooling down your emotions, Relaxing the body and Observing thoughts. 
    • Putting it all together – empowering you to manage anxiety & panic using all the tools you have learnt
  • Session 3 –Managing Difficult Thoughts duration: 1 hour

    Did you know that the average human being experiences thousands of thoughts a day? During periods of stress, anxiety or low mood/depression, we may notice an increase in negative or difficult thoughts. Our thoughts often go hand in hand with our emotions, feelings and bodily sensations and they can affect our mood. In this workshop we will be teaching you techniques to help you manage your difficult thoughts, improve your well being and offer a different way of looking at situations which can improve your outlook on life. 

    We will be discussing these topics:  

    • What are thoughts?
    • Why are thoughts important?
    • What types of thoughts are there?
    • 10 unwanted thinking habits 
    •  The ‘Thinking – Feeling Connection’?
    •  What can I do to manage unwanted thoughts? 
  • Session 4 –Breaking Free from Fear duration: 1 hour

    During challenging times you may notice feelings of uncertainty and hesitation and avoid going out. In the long term this could be detrimental and have an impact on you. The aim of this workshop is to make you aware of behaviours and actions, giving you the knowledge and tools  so you feel safer and more in control.

     You will learn:

    • What is ‘Avoidance’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Safety Behaviours’ (stopping bad things from happening)
    • How these behaviours can ‘Feed your Fears’ and erode your confidence
    • What you can do to Face Fears, boost your confidence and build resilience 
    • How you can manage anxiety and stress to lead a more fulfilling life.

    It is recommended that you attend this session after attending either the Stress Management workshop or the Anxiety and Panic workshop.

  • Session 5 –Sleep duration: 1 hour

    The problem of getting a ‘good night’s sleep’ is a common problem. According to The Sleep Council 40% of people suffer sleep issues** caused by various factors. In this workshop you will learn how to improve your sleep pattern. Getting  a good night’s sleep can have a massive impact on our mood, helping us to feel energised and ready to take on life’s challenges. 

    You will learn:

    • What is sleep?
    • Why is sleep important to us?
    • What are the causes of sleep problems?    
    • How much sleep do you need?
    • What can I do to improve my sleep?
  • Session 6 –5 Steps to Mental Health & Well-being 1hr


    Wellbeing!! –  we hear a lot about this, but what does it mean? Does it refer to our physical health, mental health or “happiness”?

    This interactive workshop will explore the meaning of the word ‘wellbeing’ and spend time looking at something called the  ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’. We’ll also explore the difference between values and goals, and what impact they have on confidence, motivation and resilience. This session makes use of Zoom polls and the chat function for discussion. Participation in these discussions is not compulsory, and your microphone and camera will still be disabled for the session ensuring confidentiality and anonymity