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Free 6 week week fully interactive online Mindfulness Course

Living In The Present & Mindfulness for everyday

For people living and working in Monmouthshire, Caerphilly, Newport, Torfaen & Blaenau Gwent

About Living in the Present Course

Living In The Present is a free 6-week online, fully interactive course. The course aims to introduce mindfulness techniques that can be used in your everyday life in a way that works for you. The course is currently available for those living or working in Monmouthshire, Caerphilly, Newport, Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent. This is because the course is funded by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

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Mindfulness 4 Everyday six week programme duration: 1 hour

Lots of us tend to be on autopilot, caught up in the day to day rush of modern life, rarely living in the here and now, hardly paying attention. We may eat and drink without tasting our food, or arrive at a destination without a thought of how we got there. Mindfulness is the opposite of all this.

 On this course you will learn:

  • How being mindful can manage stress

  • What is the survival instinct (fight or flight)

  • How we can incorporate mindfulness into everyday life

  • Awareness of unhelpful thinking habits, unwanted emotions and bodily sensations

  • Using ‘Acceptance’ to respond to difficult situations


The course uses ideas from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and positive psychology. Mindfulness improves awareness, which is effective in noticing the signs of anxiety & depression.  According to the NHS & National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Mindfulness can help prevent depression for people who have had 3 or more bouts in the past.


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Answering your questions

More Information

How do I sign up to the course?

When we have set dates for the course to run, you can register by filling in an online form. You can access this by clicking the signup button.

If there is no form available when you click on the button, it means registration is not open at that time.


How do I access the sessions?

Once the registration process is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation which will include a link to the Zoom meetings for the sessions. It will be the same link every week, so at the time of the session, you simply click the link to join. You may wish to download Zoom to your device to make it easier to access the sessions


How many sessions are there and how long are they?

There are six sessions in total. There will be one session per week, which will run on the same time and day each week. Each session is roughly one and a half hour long, though they may run slightly under or over

Will I need my camera and microphone switched on for the course?

Yes, this course is designed to be fully interactive. Attendees are encouraged to speak and share their thoughts, experiences and reflections of the techniques as we learn them. The group interaction enhances the learning experience and is an important part of the course


Do you need previous experience of Mindfulness to attend the course?

No, you don’t need any previous experience of mindfulness as this course is suitable for complete beginners. If you have had some experience of mindfulness, you may also enjoy this course as both a refresher and to explore aspects of mindfulness you may not have come across before

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present moment on purpose with an attitude of non-judgement

What's the point in learning about Mindfulness? How can it help?

Practicing mindfulness regularly has lots of benefits. Mindfulness can help us to notice the signs & symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression earlier. This makes it easier to manage these common psychological issues.

It can also improve focus, creativity, memory, the immune system, it can lower blood pressure and can help manage pain.

Practicing mindfulness can help us develop a new way of relating to our thoughts and feelings. Instead of judging and trying to turn away from thoughts and feelings, we observe with curious interest.

How is Living In The Present different to other Mindfulness courses?

Mindfulness involves;

  • Eyes closed practice – where you sit still with your eyes closed and bring your attention to the present moment for a set period of time
  • Eyes open practice – this involves bringing your attention to the present moment regardless of what you are doing and can be done while moving and while carrying out your day-to-day activities


All mindfulness courses encourage both types of practice, however in many mindfulness courses, there is emphasis on eyes closed practice with instructions to practice this everyday with the intention of building up to longer periods of time spent doing this. Some people find this difficult and don’t like the feeling of having eyes closed practice as ‘homework’


Living In The Present is different because, while it also includes both types of practice, it places more emphasis on ‘eyes open’ and less formal ways of practicing mindfulness to begin with. There is no formal homework, the course simply encourages you to explore mindfulness through questions and experimenting in your own life to find out what would be helpful for you and how you would like to practice mindfulness


The course creates a friendly, playful space where you can come along and give it a go

Who can attend the course?

The course is open to anyone living or working in Monmouthshire, Caerphilly, Newport, Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent. This is because the course is funded by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (see the map above)

The course may not be suitable for those who have experienced a recent trauma or bereavement that is having a significant impact on their mental health and wellbeing, or for those who have recently experienced or are experiencing a crisis in their mental health

If you have any other questions that we haven’t already answered here, please email us on thepresent@valleyssteps.org or call 01443 803048