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When asked to write this blog I was pretty nervous, mainly because it means admitting the times that I, as the leader of this well-being organisation have been stressed – some of which are related to the experiences of setting up this visionary organisation!!

But then I thought; ?let it go? and ?don?t be so hard on yourself? – isn?t that what we teach on the courses?

Why should I be any different?! – Of course there will have been challenges along the first few years of this unique and special initiative, but isn?t that what excited me to be involved in the first place?!

One of the things that I say when taking with people about difficulties in life is that ?We are all human?; we all experience human emotions connected to events and experiences that we care about, otherwise we would be pretty cold (and that?s not me).

So, how have the Mindfulness and Stress Control course tools helped me in dealing with the issues in setting up and running an independent charity? – HOPE, holding onto that vision of why we are striving towards something that can really help people with the strains life throws at us and which can easily get on top of us, or build up huge pressure points.

Reading Josh?s previous blog, has given me the hope that I can ?get back on the horse? every time I feel guilty that I haven?t meditated formally for a few days/weeks. At least I have the principles of mindfulness in my back pocket that I can apply to situations; rationalising, working through what?s really important, always being able to pause and take a breath, to get a reality check before things spiral.

We all know that what you read on social media, adverts and magazines are edited versions of life, true happiness comes from being comfortable in your own skin, trusting that you are in control and can come back to earth at any point when those challenges seem to be pilling up.

What I see before me today proves all the hard work (blood, sweat and tears), has been worth it. What’s that saying? ?Nothing worth doing, ever comes easy? – and believe me this project has been worth doing, you only have to take look at what people who have been along to a course say about them, to see how much relief has been given.

I am so proud of what we have achieved with fantastic, dedicated staff, trustees and valued volunteers, who are in place to carry things forward, while I say a very, very, fond farewell.

Felicity Crump