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Vision and Purpose

How does one find their purpose or vision? What do you do if you haven?t got one? Do you actually need one? It took me a number of years to realise that vision and purpose are two separate things. And it took me even longer to figure out what my vision and purpose was.

What does purpose mean? Your purpose is what you want to do deep inside you, it?s the expression of yourself. For some, their purpose may be to have kids, to travel the world, to be a very successful person, to become a world leader, a business owner, an artist, writer, singer, actor, teacher, and the list goes on. When we try to find our purpose, many of us think it should be something grand, like being famous, or the head of a company, or to be super rich and wealthy. However, your purpose could be to have a loving family. To always be there for others and to help others in need. To sit around and watch tv all day – seriously. You see, a purpose doesn’t have to be this grand imaginary plan, it can be a very simple thing that is right in front of you.

Often, our purpose is the thing that comes easiest to us. I spent most of my life looking for my purpose and it wasn?t until I hit thirty that I actually realised it. I thought my purpose was to be a major Thai boxing champion. I thought I was supposed to be a world-famous DJ. I thought I was going to be an actor. But after years of searching and disappointments I realised that the thing I found most satisfying and easy to do was helping people. My life’s purpose was, and is, to help others. Whether it be teaching, coaching, counselling, motivating or giving advice, as long as it was helping others that?s all I enjoyed and all I wanted to do. 

So, what is Vision? Your vision is your plan to execute your purpose. As an example, my purpose is to help others in any way that I can, so my vision would include writing blogs on self-help, writing articles, starting up my own counselling business, volunteering, writing a novel, delivering seminars, being there for my friends and family, giving advice to those in need, etc.

Let?s clarify, your purpose is what you’re born to do, it’s why you are here, it?s what you love doing and what comes easy to you. Your vision is how you execute your purpose, it’s how you share it with the world, how you express yourself, how you treat others.

Now you may be thinking to yourself or asking ?What if I don?t know my purpose or vision? And how do I find it?? Well firstly relax. Stop rushing to find your purpose or vision and stop forcing yourself to have one. I did this a lot up until my thirties and it caused me nothing but depression and anxiety. We all want to fit in and feel like we belong in the world. And some of us just want to coast through aimlessly and get lost. Learn to relax and let go of your preconceived thoughts and feelings and your purpose and vision will begin to show. Once you relax your mind and body from the clutter of the world and society you will be able to look inside and feel your purpose coming from within you. It’s that little voice or thought at the back of your mind, that small flame of emotion deep in your heart which you have either locked away and hidden or have forgotten about due to other life situations.

In fact, now is the perfect time to listen to that voice at the back of your mind, to stoke that flickering flame inside. Our country is currently under strict measures, and this may be very tough on some. But, it is the perfect opportunity to be at home for some soul searching and reflection. Without the busyness and distractions of work, attending meetings, and being on the go. Now there is a perfect opportunity to just sit, relax and listen. Now we have an opportunity to tune out from the busyness of the world and tune inward to sweetness and grandness within.

We all have a purpose, whether it be big or small, normal or totally left field. I recommend that you learn to relax and go easy on yourself. And listen to that quiet voice in your head or that very small flicker of a feeling deep inside you. I guarantee you the more you listen to these the quicker you will find your purpose and vision. And when you do find them nothing will stop you. For years I woke up every morning thinking ?what’s my purpose? What is the point of me being here? Why am I bothering?? And even though I felt really bad and my thoughts were quite negative, I always noticed those quiet thoughts at the back of my mind. And those small flickering hints of a feeling deep inside. And once I started listening to them and attending to them, they began to express themselves. And now I wouldn?t live any other way. I love waking up every day and being able to do what I love. There is no feeling like it.

By Max Evans

Lead Course Practitioner