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Working in partnership with Actif Woods, Valleys Steps delivered it’s first outdoor mindfulness workshop in the Cwm Clydach Countryside Park

The event was delivered by Anna Stickland from Actif Woods who is the group’s woodland mentor. Anna said “Just being outside for me is being mindful. There?s so much around you, little things you can focus on. It?s a busy environment but it?s not stressful. Going into a building, opening that door, for some can be threatening. But we are going out for a walk.?

The aim of the session is to learn about five goals: connecting with nature and with each other; getting active, through walking in the outdoors and light exercises; taking notice of what is around them; learning about new experiences outside their comfort zone; and giving ? being involved in helping each other.

One of those taking part was Alison Davies, 65. She said: ?Just being out in the fresh air ? it?s not something I normally do. If I wasn?t here I would just be in the house. It?s been lovely just meeting some lovely people.

?It?s taught me to be more appreciative of my surroundings and the beautiful places I live near, which we often take for granted. I thought we would be in a little room being talked to but this is fabulous.?

Valleys Steps well being course practitioner Paul Griffiths said: ?It?s gone very well. People were ?being well? as they were walking around and that?s the aim. There was a buzz about the group and the session had energy about it and people were bonding and forming a relationship and that?s important.?

Valleys Steps is planning further outdoors sessions across Cwm Taf, if you want to find out more about these sessions sign up to our mailing list here