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Student Wellbeing

My Adventure to Personal Wellbeing and Becoming a Student

When I realised

When I first realised I needed to take an in depth look at my wellbeing I had just been through a rather tedious relationship with a former best friend, I hadn?t realised the type of person/people I was associating with held me back from who I really was. Through what I now call the best thing to ever happen to me I managed to break free of those relationships. I moved back home with my parents and took time out to get to know myself, this is when I discovered meditation, self-help, and the steps to becoming the best version of myself.

Reading my way to happiness

I read my first self help book at the age of 24; I hadn?t done much in the way of reading before then and I don?t recall why I started reading, it?s as if my mind was asking me to seek the knowledge that would help me understand my world. Every book I picked up from that point seemed to speak to me and I felt at home for the first time in a very long time. During my discovery of this new world, I decided to apply to study at university at the age of 26. By this time, I?d read a countless variety of books and felt I had a profound understanding of what path I wanted to take. All because of books!

I started with knowledge

I started this journey seeking personal knowledge and thanks to taking that first step I started my life as a mature university student. I now study Psychology and I?m currently a second-year student, my passion for this subject has only grown stronger during my time at university and with it many paths have been made clear to me. As a student keen on learning as much as I can about my chosen degree, I can only say it?s the best step I?ve taken with my life. If I could tell my younger self how much there is to learn about yourself from the people in the world and around us! The only advice I could give is to first start with yourself – asking the important questions about who you want to be.

Now in the moment

Fast forward to now: living each day in the moment, worrying less about the future, and regretting less and less about the past – I feel I?ve finally found a path that?s right for me. There is no wrong path, just opportunities to find the right one! Every moment on my path to becoming a great student, finding a job I love, and learning skills that help me improve provides valuable lessons which shape my future and leave lessons to pass on from the past. And all we must do is live in each step we take towards the next crossroads of our journey.

By Dai

Student Volunteer