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Bethan Jones Well-being course practitioner

My final blog

Coping with Change

Over the past year or so, I’m sure we’ve all faced huge changes in our lives during the pandemic. I am currently facing one of the common life changes that happens to many of us: I’m leaving my role at Valleys Steps for a new job. I’m really excited for the new opportunity, but change often brings with it a level of uncertainty and anxiety. Often when we face change, we are leaving behind what feels comfortable for us and taking a step into the unknown.

Change is an inevitable part of being human. The weather changes, the seasons change, other people change, we change. What would happen if we never changed? We’d never grow, we’d never explore, or discover, or invent. As our Lead Practitioner Paul often says, “What would happen if we didn’t change our underwear?!” Change is all around us, and is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes change feels ok for us, particularly if it’s a positive change that we are in control of, but sometimes it can feel difficult to navigate. So how can we cope with change?


1. Acknowledge how you feel about the change. Notice your thoughts, emotions and body sensations, and accept that whatever you’re experiencing is ok. It’s normal for us to feel anxious, scared, angry, low, etc. when faced with change and the uncertainty it often brings.

2. Take care of yourself. We might not be able to control the situation we’re in, or the change that’s happening, but we can control how we treat ourselves. Make sure you’re taking time out to prioritise you and to practice self-care. This might be about making sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well. It might be about relaxation, practicing mindfulness, engaging in hobbies, etc. Just taking regular time out to prioritise what you need can be helpful.

3. Reflect on other changes that you’ve navigated before. What was the change? How did you cope with it? What or who helped you then? Can you apply any of that learning to the current change you are facing?


We also run a free online workshop called Coping with Change that you might want to consider attending if you’d like to explore this further.

This will be the final blog I write for Valleys Steps, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team of staff and volunteers at the organisation. I am very grateful for this chapter in my life.

Wishing you all the best,

By Bethan Jones

Course Wellbeing Practitioner